I wish I had George Zimmerman parked outside of my house...

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  1. This is a typical day of a gang unit in Los Angeles. Many communities and cities are infested with gang members. The only thing between me and you is the police, but they cant be outside all the time.

    Guys like George Zimmerman make the difference. They are the eyes and ears of the community. I guys like George patrolling the neighborhood and challenging these criminals.

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  2. Not impressed I don't like thugs of any sort that includes the ones in blue flashing badges too.
  3. now that is a good attitude. :) .
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    THe only difference is that Zimmerman isn't a cop and isn't trained on how to be one. One shouldn't jump into something they don't know anything about. Typically, cops don't even want to challenge suspects one on one. They will usually wait till back up is there or close by. The fact that Zimmerman jumped the gun and was overzealous showed he is an amateur and has no business being a vigilante. The result showed that he is an amateur and that is not the proper way to handle the situation.

    The whole situation could've been avoided if he had not confronted Martin. Should've stayed in a safe distance and kept an eye out until law enforcement got there. Let the police do their work. He can follow from a distance if he sees anything suspicious.

    One of the key things about being a cop is officer safety. The goal is for everyone to go home by the end of the day. Do not risk yourself for a situation like that. If Zimmerman did this on his own as a rookie cop without backup, he would've been fired for at least poor officer safety.