I Wish Globex Had A Chat Feature....

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. So I could tell these chumps who keep bidding/canceling/bidding/canceling every nano second to f themselves.
  2. I'm sure the bidbot would make stimulating chatbot conversation.
  3. Ice OTC does. That shit gets annoying real fast though.
  4. The exchange needs to pull the plug on this a-hole.
  5. It will happen. There's always a faster bot out there.
  6. talk to this brother...he gets things done like no one elses businesses. like a Nicaraguan assassin at a baseball game

  7. Agreed. Retarded action today.
  8. "Danger Will Robinson"
  9. This freaking market has been in micro-arb mode for years now.

    Co located bots vs Co located bots.

    I used to trade against humans

    In the distant past.

    Im going back.......

  10. I try to cohabitate with the best of both to keep it copasetic...use computers signals with the intution and genious of a human to give my trades a shot against the dragon.

    i will cover my time machine in camo and see you in the past!!!

    #10     Mar 4, 2008