i win the Idiot of the year award

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    got into retail brokerage and washed out very quickly 3 yrs ago .. sales werent for me... got into some real estate .. just got into some swing trading and reading BASIC books on day trading.. i have enuff reserve $ right now to get thru 6-12 months of literally zero income ...
    so i decided to look into getting into a training program at a prop firm in nyc ....
    but guess what... my series 7 expired 3 months ago .... all the while my cousin has been barking at me to park my license at his boutique firm to keep it active...
    worked so hard for that damn license and passed the test with flying colors on the first try...
    i want to stab myself in the neck with a pen right about now :eek:
  2. call echo.. i think the philly still grandfathers the 7... beats the hell out of taking that damn test again huh? i wish someone would find out if this is still the case... could you do it and report back?
  3. I do beleive there is a grace period if your reg lapses.

    Better call FINRA asap.

    Good luck.
  4. ok.. Don Bright just said on another thread that with the merger of the philly with nasdaq, the 7 is no longer grandfathered.
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    i already called .... 2 year inactive period ... expired in november 07 ....
    no excuse for my laziness.. all i had to do was sign papers and my cuzin would have let me park my license there
  6. Im not sure but I imagine it wouldn't be that bad if you took it again. Unless you never used any of the stuff you learned about options. Having to learn all that stuff about bonds again might suck but if you passed it first try with a good score I wouldn't worry about it.

    I could be wrong but I can't imagine having to put the same amount of time and work into it as you did the first time.
  7. gilch


    eh .... its alot about test taking skills..
    tricky multiple choice .....
    which of the following is true.. a , b, c,a and b, a b and c ...... double negatives.. etc. etc.
    is it rocket science info? no ... but they do well in trying to make the test as tricky as possible would it be as hard as first time? probably not ...
    but just the idea that bcuz of my laziness i even have to waste a minute to study for the test again kills me
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    not the pen, not the neck, not even your thigh, ok?
  9. You can request a "waiver" from FINRA, but they are really tight on these and take a very strong look at what you were doing during the period that your Series 7 was "expired".

    Sometimes there is a simple compliance "record-keeping" error and they will allow a person to be re-instated.

    But they really frown upon people that only had the Series 7 registered for a short amount of time.
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    THats pretty much what I was told when I left echo last year.
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