I will reporting et to the press

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  1. i find their removal of my threads detailing what I feel to be a hate crime inappropriate and want to now inform the public that this is not what I feel to be an objective forum where there is freedom of expression regarding the trading industry. I have asked the moderator why my thread was taken down but I have not received a reply as of yet.
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    Cool. Go to the press. Drive traffic to this site. More people, more advertisers, more revenue.

    Go ahead. Go to the press.
  3. No seriously. I reported it to the press once that the press wouldn't print my story in their paper. They claimed it was their paper or something. Then I tried to sue them because it's really more of a public service... see where this gets silly?

    Private site, whatever rules they want, get it?
  4. oh yeah, I normally only lurk, but between you and the "I'll call out Jack" threads. Geeze, you'd think some of these posters were paying for access to this site or something.
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    cten..- i hope you made a copy of the deleted thread. some of the replies were extremely nasty and ignorant .

    remember making money is the best revenge.
    you did it before. you can do it again.
  6. hello hate crime, they took down a thread about a hate crime. there might be a collusive element and people should know about it. they should know how there is an arbitrary process that decides what does and does not survive. maybe there is like a google forum that is monitored by some government agency.
  7. Hate crime? You're delusional.
  8. I wish someone would remove you from this earth.
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    ET Member Conduct Rules


    9) Elite Trader does not pre-screen the content posted by users. However, Elite Trader and its agents have the right at their sole discretion to remove any content that, in Elite Trader's judgment, does not comply with the Member Conduct Rules or is otherwise harmful, objectionable, or inaccurate. Elite Trader and its agents may suspend or ban users posting such content at any time without notice. Elite Trader is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing or editing such content.
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    why not try to give a more mature response?
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