I will not be handing out candy to the kids due to this economy.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Oct 31, 2008.

Is this a good idea.

  1. No way

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  2. Yes let them learn about the economy and the options market.

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  1. Instead I will be giving out dow index LEAP options contracts with a strike price of dow 13,500 for a payout of 3 snicker bars with an expiration date of october 31, 2010.

    I will hand them this coupon with the option, the kids could trade this amongst themselves over the counter for cash value if they wish forming a secondary market for these options.

    Maybe the rugrats will learn a little about the economy as well.
  2. Lucrum


    Instead of giving away candy to kids who are going to all the effort to dress up and walk around the neighborhood. We reach into their sacks and TAKE candy. Which we will redistribute, at a time of our choosing, to kids, also of our choosing, too fucking lazy to trick or treat. This way they can become prepared for an Obama presidency and learn a valuable civics/economics lesson at the same time.
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    A fellow Glenn Beck fan :)
  4. Glenn Beck is the best.
  5. =====================

    Well i like idea of helping them learn.........

    Gave , for the trunk or treat party @ church tonite, something like that;
    some of the short box of raisens. Dont think my expiry date is quite that long, but takes all kinds to make a market.
  6. A young Warren Buffet would probably think its the best Holloween treat ever. :) Probably would try to buy all the options from the other kids for half a candy bar.
  7. I put a bowl of candy on my step, and a note on the door:

    Please help yourself to some candy, 2 peice each.
    Happy Halloween

    I wanted to see how much kids would take. I watched from my window , and 3 kids came together, maybe 9 or 10 year old. They read the note, then the one closest to the bowl used his hand like a shovel to scoop a big amount. But the other two pushed in to him to get closer to the bowl and all 3 fought for the candy,emptied the bowl and ran away. :p

    So yes, some government regulation is good. Someone has to watch the sweets.