I will NEVER! Use Esignal Again!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rossmedia, May 12, 2006.

  1. Over the years I've used several data platforms like all you guys, yet I have never seen an outage like yesterday. I was down more than 3 hours....that is unheard of in one day. Needless to say, my positions suffered.

    I called esignal this morn and asked for 1 months credit (192.00) just one month! The guy offered me $10.00, I almost couldn't breathe. They would rather lose thousands over the next few years, than to credit me 1 month.

    They said it was a hacker, I said I don't care if you were being hacked by a marsian, just give me a little customer service and I'll stay. He said sorry can't do that.....I shall not return.
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    and you didn't have back up charts?
  3. Ofcourse I have a backup chart package..it is not as robust as esignal but it works ok. What does that have to do with esignals incompetence?
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    Why would your positions suffer if you have backup charts?
  5. The market only went one way yesterday so you must have been on the wrong side of the trade to begin with
  6. I love how eSignal is blaming it on an "attack". They aren't willing to take responsibility for their screw up. It is someone else's fault. Yeah right.
  7. You asphyxiate due to three hours loss of charting? Your losses nor your profits are shared with esignal, so your arbitrary request for a month's free is absurd. They gave you a day's free data with the $10 offer.

    Man, some of you clowns need to stop suckling mommy's booby and get some intestinal fortitude. There is always someone to blame. Loss of esignal made your positions suffer? Backup charts? You may want to consider flower arranging or cake decoration as an occupation.
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    Lol Please, let's not get logical here, keep it hysterical and "poor me " orientated. After all it is never your fault when you lose money huh? Pretty soon we will have that loser JM posting in here again. Just waiting for the post that will say: "If only eSignal and IB hadn't screwed up I would have made $100 000 on that trade today"
  9. This is like the 2nd outage in 3 years you whiney big girls blouses

    get on the right side of the trade and you wont have to worry
  10. You guys are funny, there is a real skill in ignoring the elephant and concentrating on the flies around his trunk.

    The credit was requested because of Esignals unreasonable outage! The 20 seconds it took to switch computers and continue following positions is immaterial...
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