I will never give up search for Holy Grail until I am old and dead

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    first thing you need to ask yourself at this point is

    why would an intelligent man like me (IQ 136) want to spend his life in such a foolish endeavour

    My friends (McCain style LOL)

    My friends beyond a shadow of doubt Holy Grail does exist, during my life being at one point a soldier fighting and killing in Balkan war in 1991. After that learning remote viewing and realizing the true nature of the Universe and all living things.

    I found that everything I thought was impossible turns out to be very possible.

    This absolutely applies to holy Grail. How can holy grail not exist when NOTHING is impossible

    PS: I am already a trader so I have freedom to spend lifetime looking for grail.
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    come on MODS I will stop entertaining ET if you move my threads to chit chat

    I guess you win some you lose some :D
  3. If someone has "told' you what the holy grail is, you may or may not find it.

    If you should find the "told" holy grail, imo you'll be relieved elated yet disapointed. (at this point you may have already received the gifts of the holy grail, the challenges that the holy grail may have fleetingly offered).

    Someone cannot tell you what the holy grail is, the holy grail is yours and individual and if you cannot find "your" holy grail, keep looking.
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    dude I am talking about trading and I am talking about never a loss in a trade

    thus holy grail

  5. You don't understand, cold.

    Chit chat IS for entertainment, (non partisan) discussion of actual life based things, and your threads being moved here is lowering quality.
  6. I once went to church and found some Holy Gravel.
    It was on the drive. I only went the once mind. Didn't like it. Too much "Praaaaaise the Laaawd" and no crumpet.
  7. And I heard Bisto are bringing out some Holy Gravy.

    It's to be used on Christmas dinners, Easter eggs and other religious based meals.

    But not curries.
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    don't ask me why

    but you are worthy of closer monitoring

    call it a sixth sense :)
  9. The holy grail does indeed exist.... I have studied this matter for a long time. However, finding the Holy grail is not the way one would expect. Second, the holy Grail is not as "Holy" as legend suggests .... more like an old tin cup .... however, with some silverware polish and elbow grease..................................
  10. Have a $55.000 trading account, buy 1 ES and don't use a stop, ever.

    As long as you don't exit you don't have a 'real' loss.

    There, never a loss, and so you have found your Holy Grail.

    Easy isn't it, and I'm not sure I have an IQ > 100...
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