I will leave the board for this summer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by harrytrader, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. vacation and also too boring. Finally I don't see so many "elites" here there seem to be a lot of students instead :D.
  2. man


  3. who cares what you do.
  4. And who cares "who cares or not" :D
    For your second post here it's great haha ! Perhaps I will stay just to see if you are a funny clown :D.

  5. man


    the only reason why I can stand your offensive communication style is because you are never annoyed if others do the same with you.
    it took me quite some time to get used to the rough tone here on this board and to detect the hidden tenderness behind it.

    best for your vacation. hope to see you again between us unworthy students. be merciful and shed light of trading wisdom over us, harrionovich, last of those who know.


  6. no I'm not an "elite" like you apparently consider yourself.
  7. I have the impression that people are sleeping and some even speaking like zombies so I just try to wake them up hee hee !It's desesperate and lost of time but sometimes it amuses me until I get finally bored so I must pause a few months :D

    P.S.: are you crazy to tell everybody that I have tenderness, they will profit from that and eat me like a bifteak hee hee !

  8. Sorry it is not me but the board itself hee hee :D

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  9. man


    I think you are much more bored by hundreds of unnecessary lines you wrote on numerous subjects. you are probably more bored with yourself than with the board. Maybe you sharpen your pencil while you are taking time off and come to the point earlier? Maybe you ask Baron to limit your posts to ten posts a day and ten lines each?

    For myself, though I still struggle with your grammar, I think you are a very nice person.

    And I still wish you a wonderful vacation, though I am willing to get angry, if you wish so, within the next posts and send you to hell.


  10. I never understood much of what Harry said anyway... and his attack on the Brethren was the last straw... good riddance...
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