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  1. ninja to run on mac OSX.

    I like ninja, I really do. But the fact that I have to switch over from using my user-friendly, never crashing mac OSX to windows and all of is random BS errors and freezing 5 times a week makes me insane!

    I will continue to endure, because I have to. But I would pay 10 times as much for a ninja that ran on mac osx. I can can dream right?

    Gosh I hate windows with the fire of a thousand suns.
  2. I run XP and I have not had any serious problems in years.

    can't comment on how well ninja runs on xp.
  3. Ninja runs fine on XP.
  4. I will say this, ninja runs on XP just like internet explorer does and just like every program on windows does.

    Always some random error popping up etc etc. It's not ninja, its windows. You all are just used to it lol.

    There is a better world out there. It's just worse for me because I switch between the 2 OS constantly, so I never get used to windows shittyness.
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    Whew. I though your were going to say, "I will do anything for some sex."

    I was going to tell you that you were in the wrong forum. Nobody wants sex from the nasty old cogers here.
  6. My experience - Ninja runs great on XP, Ninja runs great on Vista, Ninja runs great on Win 7 RC. I don't do any programming or auto backtesting though...

    Could be because you are running win XP on your mac? Or you could just be biased and happen to see everything wrong with Windows?

    I guess you can hope NinjaTrader 7 will be released for Mac although I doubt it so I would suggest you stop complaining and build a PC if it bothers you so much...

    (I used to run Mac OS X exclusively so your point that "us PC users can't see the problems because we are so used to it" doesn't fly with me)
  7. Of course I am bias. I am bias because XP freezes or pops up with some weird error, on average, 4 or 5 times a week. Tiger (which is on my other monitor) NEVER freezes or has any errors. This is how every windows based computer I've ever had always acts. Anyways, maybe its just me. But bottom line is OSX is superior and I just wish ninja would run on it.
  8. NT 7 will not run on the Mac and neither will NT8, 9 or 10 because it depends on Microsoft dot net.

    The popular trading platforms that run on both Win & Mac are mostly Java based, such as IB TWS, Investor RT, ThinkorSwim, Zerolinetrader etc.

    You could run VMWare or Parallel on the Mac but that requires some technical skill to install and run properly http://www.ninjatrader-support2.com/vb/showthread.php?t=16299

    I suspect your problem with Windows is that you don't know how to install and maintain a malware free Windows OS that is clean and lean. This thread on NT forum may help: http://www.ninjatrader-support2.com/vb/showthread.php?t=3798
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    If you wish really, really hard, Ninja might run on your MAC...

    The rule of life is, Windows for business, MAC for everything else.. I run Vista /Ninja with really tight security, I mean all the joker assess in the world cannot get in, it's allowed to access only the half dozen url's needed for trading. I don't open it up to Microsoft and their updates, I don't open it up to Microsoft to verify the OS even, I do that on the phone... and I restart it all once a day... never a problem... not a hint of a problem..

    Tell me you have a computer dedicated to trading and another for surfing, please.. because a computer that surfs will never be 100%, it just can't...
  10. Vista crashing? Get a proper PC, install proper drivers, be carefull not to capture some stupid virus.

    My workstations never crash. Some applications may malfunction. I have a workstation at home (right now 800km away) that I log in daily using remote desktop - no error for about 3 weeks.

    I have a some servers that happily hops between planned resets (patch install). Never popping up anything.

    Now, I also had:
    * Workstation reetting irregularly thanks to an overheating / broken graphics card.
    * all types of malfunctions on a workstation (which were not really something to nail down) thanks to once a broken power supply (unable to keep power stable under sudden load shipfts) and - last time - some broken RAM (actually last week - after replacing all the RAM, Windows suddenly worked).

    Natually things like Viri, bad installations (mostly outdated / buggy drivers) or something like that can cause the behavior you show.

    Vista uses th same Kernel as Windows Server 2008 if patched (Sp1 - this is why Server 2008 out of the box shows Sp1). This thing IS stable.
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