"I Will Crush Elite Trader"-- Tim Sykes

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  1. What else can he do? He obviously can no longer trade, so gotta find other income streams. Nothing is wrong with launching a site of course.

    Tim best of luck.
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    So the top rated broker is "LoyalForex", a little digging on them reveals they are registered to:
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: LOYALFOREX.COM

    and investimonials is registered to:
    Timothy Sykes

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)

    Also through GoDaddy, but no domains by proxy. LoyalForex has two 10 score reviews by 'Admin', what a coincidence that it comes up first in the rankings. Who wants to bet that LoyalForex is Timmy's new brokerage venture? Also Timmy cramming as much Web 2.0 bullshit into your site does not automatically make it good. What a fucking joke.
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    Nice sleuthing
  4. NTB


    I don't get it. Are you saying that because they are both registered through GoDaddy that they must be affiliated with Sykes? Please explain the logic of this find. Thanks!
  5. euclid


    I would think that they just put in a few reviews to get the site started. They need to get attract hundreds of real reviews to make the site useful which is why they are spamming ET with all these threads. Mods will be back soon to clean it up.
  6. His primary competition is his own integrity. He didn't mind parading as an ET sponsor and turning ET into a personal Billboard of Annoyance.
  7. How did you get so stupid? I mean seriously. I have never seen a bigger moron in my life than you. You come into threads (not this one) acting as if you know. But you sadly don't. And not only are you hurting other traders, but you're hurting yourself too. I honestly feel sorry you're not in a position to better yourself.

    Actually, I don't.
  8. LOL so what is your point then?? The bottom line is that the reason Sykes makes money is because he shorts penny stocks then tells everyone, then he has a self full filling prophecy going for him, as 2000 retards jump on his wagon, look at every single stock he has shorted, 90% of the time they go up HUGE over the long term, they just take a dip when he releases his dumb fuck memos, i aint taknig anything away from him because he has definately found his neieche but to call him a good trader is flat out retarded.... he just thought of an amazing scam to fleece newbies, and make the money they throw into shit work FOR HIM.

  9. The only thing missing is when you buy 10,000 dollars worth of stuff from Tim's store you should get a diploma.
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