I will become a very rich man (Trade Records)

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  1. I just buy 1 lot of CN (FTSE China A50 Index@Singapore Exchange) at 13297.5. The STP now is placed at 13305 that can cover my commission.

    I think US traders might not be familiar with this index commodity. I live in Asia so this contract is good for me because I can trade it in morning.
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  2. I decide a trade only using price chart. Of course I have examined the similar cases in price history by my EYES.

    Its not accurate like you can do it by TradeStation/MultiChart, but still can give me a feeling of if this chance is worth a try.
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  3. Overnight


    Well, rumor has it that China is starting a domestic crude future in 2 1/2 weeks. Exciting, best of both worlds?
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  4. I never heard about this rumor. Even its true, I think we still cant invest them directly. China goverment limits only their nationals be able to trade their own domestic futures contracts.
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  5. QM was closed at 60.500.
    Profit (60.500-59.725)/0.025*12.5 - 5.5*2 = $376.5
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  6. Today day-traded one lot of QM. Just liquidated this position.

    Entry: 60.525 (05:17 EST)
    Exit: 60.8 (07:46 EST)
    P/L: $137.5 - $5.5*2 = $126.5

    I dont want to hold this QM too long since I am expecting the CL retracement on daily chart. When this happens I will try to buy again at that time.
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  7. Long MJNK(Mini Nikkei 225@Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE)) H8 one lot at 23235. (09:50 JST)
    STP: 23180 -> 23195 -> 23240(Now)
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