I will become a very rich man (Trade Records)

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    Why do you think your trades have positive expectation.

    Aka.. an edge.
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    I love this post! Makes the case for defining ends and then working out the in-betweeners!
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  3. Your guess is right. English is not my native language. I typed too fast so even didnt know 'a lot' would made you confused. I am glad that you guys finally understood me...:)

    My tiny account starts with about $1350. Its a long long way toward my final goal...I will keep on recording my trades here to encourage me not give up this way.
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  4. You are right. Any major commodity contract is much better than its minor/micro siblings. However if I bought one lot CL instead, that meant I all-in my asset into an uncertain risky situation. According my current bankroll I cant afford any the probability of bankrupcy. Thats why I decide QM.
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  5. My trading philosophy is that you cant measure a precise winning/losing probability/edge beforehand. The only thing you can do is TRY.

    So how do I decide the direction to place my bet? Very simple, I only look at the currect trend of price movement. CL is now going UP on daily/hours basis. Thats enough for me. Then I can find an entry point with a reasonable stoploss to give it a try.
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    I hate to say it, but CL would be your better bet here. I have looked at the QM vs. CL charts in the past. QM is ugly. It is counterintuitive that they should be so, but...Ick.
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    Given your lack of money, trading oil with QM is still not a good idea. If you have 25k you will be better off with UWT and DWT.
    You can buy small quantities and scale in. I learned this technique from The Arora Report. This has helped me keep my risk lower when I a am concerned about risk.
    When set up is really good I go to Cl
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  8. Way to encourage him paper trader YouTube watching loogie!
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    Do you backtest your ideas/ methods?
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  10. Raise my STP from 59.825 to 60.175.

    I might close this position today cuz I decided to use tighter stop tracing from now on.
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