I will be posting my real time day trades on twitter.

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by malaspina, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hello members,

    I will be posting my real time day trades daily on my new twitter account, you can follow me anytime at:


    Good trading.
    Humberto Malaspina.
  2. that will last about a week - just kidding..
  3. Humberto, your link not working today.
  4. that was quicker than i thought but inevitable none the less.
  5. pcp198


    Big Mike showed him the door..

  6. jonp


    sorry to spam your board.
    i also started posting some live calls on twitter. my calls are NOT meant for daytraders, more for people who can sit through some volatility and let a trade run its course over as long as a few weeks, being able to sit tight with wins and losses. twitter.com/jonplive
  7. pcp198


    I believe thats called swing trading with no stop.
  8. jonp


    pretty much, although I will rarely exit a trade with a loss if I change my mind. I try letting my profits run until I believe the run is over.
  9. this just gets funner and funner all the time...
  10. jonp


    funner's not even a word, what do you think hedge funds do? they buy and they wait.
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