i will be looking at JEC today

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. JEC as a long to the 39.40 area.

  2. why would anyone ever make such an annoucement?

    how would anyone ever judge whether such an announcement created a buzz and increased market activity?

    under the Bush II deregulatory, non-enforcement atmosphere, such pumping of stocks through methods like these were (just about) never challenged....

    could this be a last hou-rah?, before the party is over?
  3. First off, why are you posting this? I don't really care, but I think you should think about it.

    Secondly, nothing about that stock's chart indicates that it's a buy. Do yourself a favor, fade yourself. Sell it instead.

    Since I see that you clearly need better stocks to trade how about these: SQM & CHK. Both of these look like great shorts which is why I already have positions in them.

    Hopefully this has been helpful.
  4. i said 39.70, i meant 37.70. by the way,i only post something when i feel very good about it. watch and learn ! you guys come on to this board and throw in all kinds of technical terms and flame people; it does nothing to benefit the board. i am not pumping,this stock is too liquid. my picks ALWAYS pan out so watch and learn from someone who knows how to trade. i make these posts because a few guys here ask for them and i deliver . not saying this pick is 100% and it may not pan out but my disciplined way of trading will prevent me from getting hurt. JEC to 37.70.
  5. took a position at 34.57 with a stop at 34.19. i will sell near 35.45.
  6. i have to be true to my friends here on ET. as a disciplined trader i let myself get stooped out at 34.19. i posted earlier i jumped in at 34,57 and threw in a stop at 34.19. i had 600 shares because i keep size smaller in this type of market. i dropped about 220 but made a few bucks GOING LONG GOOG at a break above 303.50 at around 10:30 or so. look at the intraday and the trade would have made sense. i only had 250 shares and made about 90 cents so i am basically up under 100 bucks. had i let JEC keep falling i would have lost much more so that is why we must stick with our game plan. always have a game plan before entering or exiting a stock. GOOD was simple,sell into the top part of the range at 306. i sold just under 104.50. i moved there so quickly i had to take it. 80 bucks is nothing but multiply that by 5 days and its 400,multiply that by 4 and its 1600 in a month. small change and a joke but to put it in perspective,most guys were down over 5k last month. the reason i say this is because i basically took what the market gave me today. i don't see anything else so i will walk away with 80 bucks and a smile. tomorrow perhaps i will make 2g. thats only if its there to make.
    DISCIPLINE--run trading like a business.