I will be a millionaire in three years!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by cool 2334, May 17, 2011.

  1. cool 2334

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    By buying calls & puts.

    As Mr. Buffet has once said that, I'm now saying it as well..

    Best wishes to each and everyone of you, friends!!

    Cool 2334 :D :D
  2. Start with $3 million and you will be there in no time.
  3. elon


    You're so excited you might as well say you'll be a billionaire! It feels better AND is just as believable.
  4. cool2324, i think its time U ween urself off the meth
  5. Grinder


    I did it in 2. Why do you think it will take you so long?
  6. not possible as the world is ending on Saturday :D
  7. jokepie


    you will
  8. good thinking Mr Tiki

    Mr Cool, take all the money you have now and buy a nice gold sewn shroud so you will look cool
  9. We all will! LOL
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