I Went To Wharton

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  1. http://www.dealbreaker.com/2007/10/i_went_to_wharton_it_goes_with.php =>

    “I Went To Wharton. It Goes Without Saying That You Should Want To Fuck Me.”

    Is probably what corporate financier/thespian John Fitzgerald would say to girls in bars, if he could find the blank space to add “repel females on dry land” to a To Do list already jam-packed with higher-priority pursuits, like acting as the poster child for late-term abortions and bench pressing, by his own estimation, over 1200 lbs, 4 times a week, at LA Fitness. For now, he’s relegated to doing so in this glorious land we call the internet, where totally unjustified arrogance is encouraged, and saying stuff like “I have an MBA from the top school in the country” and was rated an “8.9 on Hot or Not” can get you laid. Or, maybe, not. Here’s one little correspondence Fitzy—who is more than likely a friend and sometime wingman of “golden child” Chip Bierbaum—had with young lady not too long ago.

    A must read ! Ha, ha, ha ....LOL ! :p :p :p
  2. Shame on you ASusilovic. This is just another example of a feminazi hit job on an accomplished man. The guy came up from humble beginings and girl ruined his life out of jealousy over his accomplishments.

    Here is his description of what happened:

  3. This shit is proof positive that people have their priorities so fucked up that this country is doomed if online dating scandals are the most important things to worry and blog about.

    I gotta get out of this country before it's too late.
  4. It's too late.
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    The guy should have either said a simple "I'm sorry" or nothing. Crying about how his life was ruined was the wrong path.
  6. Easier to just turn turn off the TV and stop buying newspapers...

  7. He sounds like someone with extremely low self esteem.
  8. I don't understand how a guy in M&A is a struggling actor on the side.
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    I thought everyone in M&A was an actor.:confused: