I went to a NYE party at Favela Vidigal in Rio

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  1. Holy shit most unbelievable experience of my life.

    I had some friends of mine travelling and others going to $500 parties, and at the last minute I found out about a local group im a fan of doing a show at Vidigal which is an unregulated favela that overlooks Ipanema.

    To the point, there is one entrance and then you pay a motorcycle taxi to take you where you need to go. I got there around 10pm and the place was actually pretty empty, by 2am i would estimate 5000 people in a huge street party.

    The most interesting aspect of the night is that "drug dealers" walk around or ride motorcycle carrying AR15s like its completely normal and no-big-deal. You would think a street party with people blowing cocaine in the back would be dudes only but there was actually more women! there was alot of good looking women. This place is the most bizzare piece of land in the world. It is its own universe, no police, the environment appeared safe as the dealers are essentially a private security force. The difference being they are in sandals/ smoking weed and rocking gold chains.

    The video below is just the group setting up the sound system last night for the show but the street party was in another location. I was told it was one of the few time a year that outsiders are "welcomed" to come up

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