I went from $7,000 to $52,000

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    I'm new to the boards but I just wanted to share this with you guys. I first started trading "seriously" last January. I started with 7k and immediately started trading stocks and options. Nothing held longer that 3 weeks, with the exception of AAPL. By the End of december my account was at $52,344. Today it is at $4,655. In case you guys dont already know, never think you own the market. I will continue to grow this 4600 with some of the same strategies that I used before, except this time I will have a little more respect.
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    Can you explain what your big winners & losers were? What strategies were you using, what trades did you make?
  3. Lucky dogshit & unlucky dogshit.Sorry but this is nothing new from the unending procession of losers. Forget trading & work on getting a life of your own.
  4. probably 1% of traders make a living from the market. Another 10% come to EliteTrader and hint/claim they do...

    I suspect you may be posting this type of thing again in a few months, or just disappear.
  5. don't listen to the nay-sayers. Study what you did right and what you did wrong. 2007 was a bull market (with lots of whipsaw) so one lesson you have learned is not to confuse a bull market with trading acumen.

    Good luck.
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    1 word:


    (AKA, stops.)
  7. $7,000 to $52,000 to $4,600. The primary strategy is long options, no way do you get returns like that with stocks and selling options.
  8. why give the guy a hard time? he daid he lost all of his gains in one months time. give the poor guy some credit for telling the truth. your problem is simple: yoou hold too long. try not to hold positions over night and if you do,sell the very next day. small losses usually result in big losses.
  9. I think Jesse Livermore once said, "There is nothing like losing all you have in the world for teaching you what not to do." Study the losses hard.....They're important.
  10. Who is giving him a hard time?

    Keep in mind that he has not provided any details about his trading. When someone takes $7,000 to $52,000 it is natural to want to know the details, why make us guess?
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