I watched Rahcel Maddow tonight, Big mistake on my part.

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    I watched Rachel Maddow tonight, Big mistake on my part, liberals like Rachel Maddow seem to believe that we are dealing with a system where you can charge X amount in taxes on businesses and, that will produce an equivalent amount of revenues.

    Do liberals actually believe that the people who are in the upper tax brackets are just going to sit idly by while the government takes an ever larger portion of my income, tax wise?

    Do liberals think we can just say, "well john doe makes this much" if i raise his taxes by "x" amount i will bring in a proportional amount of revenue.

    Do liberals really believe that the people who worked hard, and fought hard, their entire life are going to sit around while the government bends us over, so that people like me can simply give away an even larger portion of my income to satisfy their plans?

    This idea is ludicrous. You lefties have another thing coming once you decide to raise my taxes, watch how much i pay in taxes after 2012 if you simply decide to raise mine by 5%.

    That should be a barometer for how well these policies will work, if my taxes go up by 5% i will never pay another dime in U.S. taxes.... mark my words, I am outta here if this happens.
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    The thing is that most liberals dont even believe in the Laffer curve.... Thats where the problem lies.

    They dont even believe in the simple "Laffer curve" from the 80's.

    The laffer curve today would be parabolic in terms of taxation. Not the original gentle curve that Laffer created.

    In this day and age, the second you overcharge businesses they simply leave, so the laffer curve would look like someone falling off a cliff on the one side. The fact is that businesses can situate themselves anywhere in the world they want to based on the internet, and no one is going to sit around and let themselves get screwed all day.
  3. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the world also doesn't help. Kind of ironic that a prez who claims to be most concerned for small businesses hasn't lifted a finger to lower the corporate tax rate.

  4. Yes, liberals are that braindead.

    If you ever play one at chess you will see how easy they are to beat as liberals will only react to whatever move you make...they will never think even 1 move ahead.
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    Old laffer curve

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    New Laffer Curve


    Obviously libs wont acept this, but this is the reality of the internet.
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    I would be most worried about a liberal "auctioning" off a pawn, while they try to take down the king. :D
  8. They tell you that each piece has all the same capability and value as all the other pieces. :D


  9. Put that water pistol away. :D .
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