I was too scared to pull the trigger/trade today.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. dsq


    I had a super hard time trading yesterday and today...I did about 10 round trips yesterday and just 4 today.
    Today,i shorted T 4x early in the morning and each time it wouldnt pullback so i covered at my breakeven.
    Everytime i wanted to go long when the market was down 400pts i got scared that the market was going to completely break down and take the stocks with it and when i wanted to short stocks as the market reached the -180 or -250 area i was scared the market was going to breakout.

    It was an another exhausting week.
  2. bl33p


    Don't feel bad, I had the same thing. Was completely paralyzed on thurs and fri. Just couldn't. Still remembered the days of the great sell-off when it just pounded and pounded down more and more. Every turn, small bottom, turned out to be a fake, leaving behind a trail of red blood.

    And now, feeling like a total fool, having missed two great trading opportunities. Apathy and lost self-confidence, I guess I have capitulated. It don't feel good.

    And, to top this off, I didn't even lose a single penny, traded my way out of the deep red hole which ended on Oct 10th. Suffering from the mental recession I guess...or flashbacks from the SnP500 drop from 1200 to 839. There are no words to describe the feeling when the first position is opened at 1170 and the market dropped HARD right on friday the 10th open towards 800.

    Well, a new week ahead! Trying to flex my trigger finger back to operational status.

    These are like war stories.
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