I Was Right - Rise In Crude Beginning Of The End

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  1. I havent posted for some time. I dont want want to say "I told you so".

    Whilst the sub prime housing bubble may have been the trigger to the this meltdown, there is no doubt that the rise in crude and in turn interest rates and inflation were the underlying cause.

    Below is a list of my posts in 2005. The only way out of this mess is to let market forces take its natural progression. Pouring more money into the fire is like pouring more gas. Yes there will be alot of pain but in the end the world will evolve stronger. Goodluck to everyone.


    chlawfirm Registered: Jun 2005Posts: 35 06-17-05 06:58 PMDo the math. Core inflation will go through the roof. Fed will be forced to raise interest rates by 400. Market will capitulate. Dont say u werent warned. My humble opinion only. I have now shorted everything.

    06-20-05 09:43 PMOccasionally a stock's price level/movement seems to, interact ? with the fibonacci number series 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89; seems both Gold and Crude Oil coincidentally or otherwise dance with the fibos.Crude Oil waves topped at the 34 and 55 areas . . . 89 to come ?chart: AG's EW labeling, Gann Box, BC. Attachment: co m ag.jpgThis has been downloaded 621 time(s).
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    chlawfirm Registered: Jun 2005Posts: 35 06-20-05 10:48 PMIf your chart is correct its the end of civilisation as we know it!

    chlawfirm Registered: Jun 2005Posts: 35 06-20-05 04:37 PMInterest rates zooming by the end of the year inflation hard to reign in thanks to crude prices. Meltdown is on the cards unless we can get crude under control which doesnt seem likely. My opinion only
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    chlawfirm Registered: Jun 2005Posts: 35 06-16-05 06:49 PMSurely the way of the market will be determined by the price of crude. I dont care about data and numbers, if crude goes above $65/b and stays there for any real time we could be looking at Dow 5000 Nas 200. Hope I am wrong.
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    a tough life.
  3. The world was doing just fine with the rise of oil prices. worst case scenario, people were going to drive smaller cars, and a new industry ET, were to be born. Gas cost three times as much in Europe, it never caused a depression.
    Lehman was the first domino. So before you five yourself credit, get your facts straight, tard.

    You were totally wrong.

    Nice to see you, Brandonf
  4. You obviously didnt pass economics 101. Lehmann was a product of the slide. You dont need to be a genius to understand that higher oil prices will eventually work its way through the the economy - not with a bang but like a theif in the night. Before you begin pooh poohing my prediction, take a look at 2005 and now. Its only now that we have even begun to take gas alternatices seriously. Unfortunately I feel it is too late.

    My facts were correct in june 05. I shorted and made a mint. You my friend have probably lost your home. Who is the real tard??
  5. No, Artard.
    The hole in the balance sheet of banks is much much bigger than the impact of the rise in oil prices. When Lehman imploded, oil prices were already coming down. The economy was soft landing, before Lehman........Lehamn's bankruptcy wasn't cause by consumers defaulting because they were squeezed by high oil prices, when yuor mortgage doubles in a month, a 50 $ measly increase in your monthly spending..doesn't do anything.
    Oil was a minor factor, almost insignificant. doesn't qualify as a trigger let alone a main cause.
    You're a complete useless moron. kill yourself, and ask a friend to pee on your body
    I don';t discuss my income with fucktards on the internet, I don't need your "approval."
  6. You have every right to be angry. I know you are in pain. Take a chill pill. Take my advice........nothing is gained through violence. I hope you can find peace.:) :) :(
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    You obviously have no idea about what happened. Do some reading before posting something ridiculous like this. I agree that the high oil prices had a negative effect on everything which probably can't even be properly quantified but the current crisis has been caused by a systemic fault in derivative risk estimation and bank overexposure to this risk. I'm happy that you made a ton of money but don't get too carried away with your economic theories.
  8. Then do us a favor, and get lost.

    Your life is so empty, that you had to come back 3 years later to brag about saying stupid things to people you don't know??

    Did you sit around with a calendar and a crude chart, waiting for the chance to do this?
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  10. You shorted WHAT in June 05?
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