I was DEAD but I came back, I came to tell you.

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  1. I am gonna get burned for this, burned like there is no tomorrow, but I must speak out.

    getting called various forms of defecated matter is a small price to pay if I can reach just one person on this entire site.

    people, sheeple, gather before me, gather before me for I had a vision.

    I had a vision about you, and your family, about me, about us.

    by studying in detail Out of Body Experiences and Near Death Experiences, by studying cases of even blind people from birth experiencing OBEs and NDEs

    I have come to the conclusion that heaven and hell don't exist. Only we exist, we are immortal spirits, we came here to experience linear time and other things this reality has to offer.

    neither trading nor anything else ultimately matters, Once we cross over, we are struck with the realization of who we are and what we are doing.

    AND YES, sometimes we come back in other forms

    I personally won't be back.........ever again

    but I am saying take a good look at studies done on OBEs and NDEs
  2. "AND YES, sometimes we come back in other forms"

    Speaking of coming back in other forms, I'd like to come back as a schedule D, see who's telling the truth.
  3. Yes, o Swami. Why do you need to start two threads? Why not just stick to your original, claiming to be a top 5% trader who will illumine us all?
  5. maxpi


    I had the opposite experience. I was alive but then I started reading politics and religion threads and I felt dead.
  6. I want to help you to not come back. :)

    The cycle of birth and death is exited by the truth.

    It's true there is no hell. It is a belief made real by faith and perceptions.

    And this is it.

    Heaven is ultimately what we are. And it's prime attribute is oneness.

    Hell is built on a belief that who we are is guilty.

    Guilt holds holographic time in a linear mode for all who choose to suffer with it.

    The way to exit is to accept the innocence of who and what you are.

    Guilt pulls you back into another body after a period of respite.

    A body is a time machine that buffers guilt feelings while perpetuating belief in it.

    It is the idea of separation made "real".

    Separation is the opposite of our natural attribute, and fosters a belief guilt about the destruction of our reality.

    But of course, we are indestructible, so no reason to perpetuate dream cycles.

    Deny separation in all its forms, and return home.

    Brother, you are about to wake up.

    Keep reporting your progress.

    God speed.

  7. I'm putting my order in right now

    .. i want to come back as rosie odonnell's
    bicycle seat! :p
  8. I pity you rcanfiel

    you will suffer many lives on planets like these until you learn to be more open minded and move on

    for example you don't believe in technical analysis, while I got rich of it.

    if you only were more open minded you would not suffer as another human 100 years from now

    one more thing

    I am arrogant because I have knowledge

    you are even worse, you have NO knowledge and are arrogant

    you are like Bush :p