"I wanted to win." - Can she - or what do you learn?

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  1. "I wanted to win. The numbers were so overwhelming," The 40-year-old woman continued. "I did buy a ticket, and I lost it. I wanted to win so bad for my kids, my family."

    I see the same happening in the market every day. The truth is that it is possible but not probable for people like the poor woman to win at all. "They" are in control. "They" just make the numbers overwhelming to you and me so that we can not resist to play and imagine to win from the hands of "they".

    Well, drop it now.
  2. Yawn :eek:

    Nice post, if people actually gave this any thought, no one would've sailed the ocean blue in 1492; the moon is really made out of cheese and etc, etc, etc......
  3. Sashe


    Moon is made out of moonshine, not cheese
  4. I thought the moon was a large ass cookie...

    Mmmm... cookies...
  5. http://www.star-seed.com/intro.htm :D

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