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  1. All business successes are about net-f*ck-working. ET is a place, in my opinion, the bottom layer of gathering of the powerless ignorant majority publics. I want to know more about minority powerful rich people. I want to know every financial clubs and salon going on in the country and the world. I want to what "they" are talking about. I want to know news before it goes to prime time. I want to know which company is the next top out going bankrupt and which is the next bottom out going up 1000%. I want to enter the circle of "they" and be one of "they".
  2. You're insane and "THEY" know that :D

  3. pspr


    Nomore..., did you just call all of us on ET powerless and ignorant? Do you really know who we are?
  4. He knows us all very well since we are all "they" :D

  5. robbo


    NoMoreOptions you need serious help,if you hadnt lost all your money trading options maybe you could have afforded it.

  6. Turok


    >I want to know more about minority
    >powerful rich people

    Yes, you are clearly in the wrong place. Please go directly over to the Yahoo boards where those people congregate. Your time will be much better spent over there.

  7. GGSAE


    Who is this clown?

  8. You are being watched.
    There are two groups of "they".
    Suggest you line your baseball cap with aluminum foil to keep out the undesirable "they's.

    Good Luck
    You will need it.

  9. pspr


    NoMore.... is harmless. But many of us look forward to his posts for their tremendous entertainment value. :D
  10. wdscott


    Call the Psychic hotline !!

    Dave Scott :D :D :D
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