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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wty7974IKg

    Economic discussion?




    Comment as politically as you wish and bash the current or the former, but this is about economics.

    Edit: Can someone embed this vid?
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  4. This thread is painfully political. So let me add to it:


    Where have all you forward-looking "economists" been until now?
  5. I didn't say I did not know how, I asked if you could and would.

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    I think that Keynes' ideas are just bullshit... politicians love it, it brings lots and lots of the GNP through their sticky fingers. Is there any proof it works? Maybe not, in the 1930's the US was heavy into stimulus and the last/weakest ones to come out of the depression
  7. No. Only the selective (and self-serving) application of those ideas has been bullshit.
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    From the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget,

    the 2011 budget, page 134:

    Gross Federal Debt:

    2007: 64.4
    2008: 69.2
    2009: 83.4
    2010 est. : 94.3 (we're at 91.1 as of 08/02/10, 5 mos. to go)
    2011 est. : 99.0
    2012 est. : 100.0

    The progressive element of the Democratic Political Super-Majority has been hard at work making things better for all Americans. Clearly, Ms. Pelosi and Mssrs. Obama and Reid should craft another economic stimulus package to make sure that all Americans benefit during these difficult times. The Health Care Reform Act and the automatic sunset of the Bush Tax Cuts will also turn things around sharply for the economic welfare of all Americans and the National Debt.

    Obviously, this is the fault of President Bush and the Republicans.
  9. I wish that chart was updated to 2010. If you put 2009 and 2010 spending in that chart(under Obama) you would see two hockey sticks.
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    Let's not sully and confuse the progressive social-democratic agenda with facts.
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