I want to unsubscribe but they don't let me do that

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    I subscribed to TradeTrek.com last march, and now I want to unsubscribe, but guess what happens when I send them Email?
    they reply that they don't accept spammers, so I tried with another Email and the same thing happens.

    So is this a new way of ripping people off, or do they just have a temporary problem with their mail server?

    Any suggestions from you here are welcome.

  2. skerbitz


    I have had the same problem with money.net ... they won't answer their phones either.

    great scam. :mad:

    what I may end up doing is cancelling the credit card I used.
  3. Not too hard to figure out ...
  4. Some credit card companies have strange cancellation policies when your unable to contact the vendor to cancell your subscription.

    If your not using that particular credit card for a lot of "repeat monthly transactions" like having your cable company
    charge your credit card on a monthly basis...

    the best solution is obviously easy...call your credit card company...cancell that card...tell them why...and get a new card with a new number (completely different number).

    Also...just in case somebody is reading this email...

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER subscribe nor buy anything online if you cannot phone call the company (person) or cannot get a quick personal email reply to any questions prior to any purchases. NEVER.

    If you do get a personal reply email prior to any purchases...save that email.

    One more thing...everybody has a phone number for doing business. In that email test...ask for a personal contact (sales rep) name and phone number with extension...if they are reluctant to provide such info or doesn't have a working live-realtime customer service rep online (big thing growing now with online businesses)...IGNORE such services.

    Once you do get a phone number of a sales rep or customer service rep (not some contracted phone service in another state)...test them by calling before any purchases.

    A good product is often only as good as its customer service

    Last of all, keep copies of all emails you send someone after you subscribe about unsubscribing, send all letters certified about unsubscribing to any mailing addresses prior to any credit card cancellation just in case this company tries to get nasty after you cancel your card.

    P.S. Keep the board informed how you resolved this issue with TradeTrek.com

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    The people running the site taking your money have a credit card clearing account. A bank or usually a third party that provides them with the service of approving the purchase, debiting your cc and crediting their bank account. If you write a letter to the card co. usually within 30 days describing the situation they will dock the merchant and credit your accnt. The merchant will have to defend their actions. Happens to retailers all the time. Also there will be a consumer complaint phone # to file a complaint in whatever state they operate out of. It's worth the effort to stop this kind of crap.
  6. By publicising the inepitude of these operators on highly popular forums such as Elitetrader, word will swiftly get back to such organisations that they must clean up their act or lose potential sign-ups... this is an excellent side-benefit to Elitetrader, in that it can serve to improve general service delivery in the trading tool industry...
  7. the only way to deal with the assorted slime merchants on the internet is to use a creditcard and dispute the charges . why a credit card?? three times i have paid with a check. 2X i got RIPPED OFF!!! doesnt speak well for e-commerce.
  8. Li, Bin
    Tradetrek.com Inc.
    1234 Summer St, 5th Fl
    Stamford , CT 06905
    (203) 961-0918 (FAX) (203) 961-0919
  9. For Money.net billing, try this number: (888) 860-4800
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    Thanks for everybody for the helpful replies, much appreciated.

    I sent them an Email from Hotmail.com and it was excepted by their server, maybe their server has a problem with my ISP cos I used 2 different email addresses but was rejected.

    They provided me with a link to fill out the online cancellation form but I have to log in first. That I haven't been able to do, maybe my subscription was already cancelled without me having to fill the form.

    I'll post again when my cancellation is confirmed.
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