I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

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    We have only to look at the Client Portal and know it will grow out of that. The move to Web/Cloud based is irreversible because of the scalability and the benefits of handing the hosting to cloud providers. But, I think there is hope with what TT Platform and CQG One have done. CME Direct is the .Net example. However, integrating the equities market is incredibly difficult and complex.

    IBKR could also take the Schwab route. Acquire the company which has the architecture to facilitate the difficult upgrade. TD Ameritrade has the much loved front-end coupled with a modern order management which Schwab will be adopting. David eats Goliath. Who knows how they will integrate bonds.(A point goes to IBKR.)

    Looks like Sosnoff has another opportunity to cash out with what could be an even more up-to-date architecture with TastyTrade. He should stop playing trading strategy analyst. He is already a brokerage genius in my book. If they do have that updated architecture, TastyTrade should have been the hot brokerage IPO of the 2020s and not Robinhood. IBKR, are you listening?
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    Java probably is the right language for TWS. ToS found a way to get it to work. It's really the only way to have one release for all platforms. It can be quite fast if programmed correctly. Swing works fine for what I do, but I also only look at one chart at a time. There's a reason that the only notable modern video game programmed in Java is Minecraft and it's not known for graphics. Java FX might be better, but no one uses it. Maybe TWS should open source the charting part of their program. Then others would improve it for free. They already outsourced the TWS API.
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  3. To the OP, here are the solutions that I used:

    1) rebuild the XML (Setting-Config) file. This file grows and grows and performance drops accordingly.
    2) reduce chart usage. TWS is more for management and execution than charting.

    Install a new build and recreate a single chart. Check your performance. If it is OK, then continue. Chances are with the exact same charts but a reduced XML it will perform OK, not great, but OK

    Good luck

    PS: I reduced my XML file size over half and performance was, dare I say, "snappy", well at least for TWS.
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    Running on version 981.31, tried the newer 10 versions - takes a very long time to load than freezes the P.C. eventually.

    Having problems in 2022 with advisor acct; when exiting positions I am sometimes left with an equal sized long& short in different accts, I figured out a way to m
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    Where is the official link to download older versions?
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  9. Are you sure? I am using Gateway 9.81. I start it on Sunday evening, before the start of the trading week, and switch it off on Saturday morning, after the trading week has ended.
    Having said that: you do have to go into TWS and change a setting such that it performs re-log on automatically. If I recall correctly is that setting's default value off.
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  10. "

    Install a new build and recreate a single chart. Check your performance. If it is OK, then continue. Chances are with the exact same charts but a reduced XML it will perform OK, not great, but OK"

    So uninstall everything and reinstall a stable version. Is that how you do a new build of the XML?

    also what do you mean recreate a single chart? I have 25 charts and and a watchlist of 50 stocks.
    and what is an XML? when i login daily i think IB TWS keeps my setting on their server...it's not on my pc or is it?

    thank you

    ps...found where my XML is on my folder in my pc. tws.xml 3552 bytes size. Now what?

    ps..not sure if you saw but my layout with screens attached..a bit busy looking but i need charts for visual cues lol
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