I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by klattermusen, May 6, 2022.

  1. Millionaire


    Are you using special build of TWS for ARM M1?
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    Put your other charts on different tabs.
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  3. I'm sorry I'm not sure what you mean. My charts are open and sized like in this image. How do i use tabs?
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    There should be a plus at the bottom left
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  6. I’ve noticed if you have lots of charts open (30+), the TWS itself is less responsive for entering orders, etc. I have two accounts and run one TWS instance (offline) that drives most of the charts and a second instance that I use for entering orders. It works pretty well. The charts themselves update fine, so it doesn’t matter that the non-trading account TWS might be a bit slower.
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  7. I feel your pain. The fan on my machine kicks into high gear just launching TWS...the software is 20 years old.
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  8. ET180


    It's Java based so the same bytecode will run on any architecture that Java supports. His Java VM was compiled for ARM.

    I thought about recommending VisualVM, but since he does not have the source code, not sure what the point of that would be.

    If the software is 20 years old, then on modern hardware, it should be fast AF. Even some of the most demanding games from 20 years ago play fine now on a budget laptop with integrated graphics.

    I opened TWS just now (after market is closed on a Friday evening) and just hovering my mouse around over the single chart my desktop has open caused my Gen 8 Core-i5 laptop CPU to hover around 25% utilization. The cursor lagged a little with mouse movement. TWS problem is that their charting software is not optimized for speed. I don't have that problem with ToS which also still runs on Java.
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  9. Millionaire


    A couple of years ago i saw software engineering jobs on Indeed from IB.
    IB were looking for developers to program in Java Swing, this is the 20 year old GUI toolkit API that is used to build the TWS GUI.
    The job description was: "the candidate should know Java swing or be willing to learn it"
    This advert did not fill me confidence! I mean they weren't really looking for experts only, they probably didn't want to pay top dollar to attract a java developer with 20 years experience.
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  10. d08


    Browser based can actually be better these days as many of the in-house windowing solutions will have to be dropped.
    The biggest mistake IB made early on was to go with Java IMO.
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