I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by klattermusen, May 6, 2022.

  1. Millionaire


    Which version of TWS are you using and which version of windows.

    That would be useful for the OP to know. I would find it useful as well.
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  2. ZBZB


    Windows 10
    TWS 981.3n stable

    use the tabs for different time periods and link them to change futures contracts quickly.
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  3. Thanks. 32gb ram on your machine...
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  4. ZBZB


    16gb Intel NUC, not powerful.
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  5. misterkel


    Same problem. Boggy as a bitch the past 3-4 months. Let me know if you figure it out. And, yeah, I upped the memory cache to 4096, too. No help.
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  6. misterkel


    I am. On a Mac, though. Latest build, latest OS.
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  7. I means its possible if I reduce my open charts from 25 to 6 would help. But the TWS did work with build 978/979. So my options are pay more money for a charting 3d party or upgrade to an M1 pro...but that is all to compensate for pore code on IB's end.

    I guess I'm old in assuming the customer's priorities were most important with a company. And what did work before now doesn't due to IB solely.
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  8. im using 10.15

    why are you guys on such old warez
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  9. because if you open up 25 charts on a windows 10 machine with 16gb ram and i7 cpu it chokes to death on build 10.1

    and it works good on build 978.

    even IB considers 9.81 as "stable" so it is ancient too.

    Here's pic of my TWS info...how do change the java memory to allocate more then 550mb? it's fluctuating and i think either tws or windows is managing it. I want to manage it as a possible fix and if I can make it 4gb it maybe a solution. Anyone know how to does this...I know about the internal changes in TWS and i have that at 4096 but this is different what i'm asking about...java memory fixed size increase??

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  10. ET180


    You have a lot of charts open. More memory should help, but likely TWS just was not built for that use case in mind. I built my own platform for charting, order execution, and account management. I rarely log into TWS. The charting could be a lot faster. I think IB derived their charting solution from JFreeChart which is what I used a long time ago until I realized it wasn't that hard to build my own charts and JFreeChart sacrificed a lot of speed for generality. If I had the source code to TWS, I'm sure I could make at least the charting a hell of a lot faster. Might take a while lol.
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