I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by klattermusen, May 6, 2022.

  1. xandman


    TWS is a poor choice for intraday trading. Don't handicap yourself.

    As for the future, it will likely be browser based because they are cheap. It will only get worse.
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  2. yes I submitted a message yesterday and no reply yet. thanks
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  3. TWS is a dumpster fire.
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  4. :D

    your post wins the weekly award for idiotic:D:mad:
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  5. Do you know of anyway to use a build like 978 without IB blocking it?
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  6. xandman


    And yours, for irony which you will never know.
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  7. Millionaire


    Even if you could hack the version number in the code, this is not a long term solution, could break at anytime on a server side upgrade, as eventually there will be communication incompatibilities between the old client and new servers. The new servers just wont work with the packets the old client is sending over. They will be missing new required fields.
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  8. Havent used the newest version, so can tell you if its slow for me.

    Heavy charting is not TWS's thing.

    They dont optimize for that
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  9. Millionaire


    Yeah but it is always sad when a previously working fine version of software degrades to the point of being unusable.

    My guess is the developers at IB fucking things up. Cant really blame them, TWS is probably Spaghetti code at this point.
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  10. ZBZB


    I have twelve charts in TWS on each of six tabs for a different time period without problems.
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