I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

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  1. No. Version 978 was the last version which allowed you to be logged on for multiple weeks in a row, endlessly if you wanted to. IB does not want that any more and changed the system, which is why version 981 is the oldest version they allow to be used. From this version onward you will get logged off at the end of the week and you have to log on again, with your credentials. IB is adamant in stopping anyone from using any older version of the TWS and Gateway software.
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    If a log off, log on cycle is done daily at 5:00 PM, then why is TWS requesting a re-login at 1:00 AM daily? How to prevent this happening?
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  4. thanks i did...the 981 barely works but still lags like crazy...i'm really upset here since it was working WITH MULTIPLE CHARTS and to no fault of my own IB has made the TWS platform unusable.

    And using 3d party charts? well if the platform is so bad then IB should reimburse us for the inability to use multiple charts on TWS especially since it was working ok with 978/979.

    ps..I just want to use 978 - anyone whos a programmer know who to change the heading so it appears like a later version to the IB gatekeepers...
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    I have a version of TWS 10 running on an old PC it is very slow and laggy and unusable with Charts, i thought it was my TWS version which was a bleeding edge version at the time I installed it. But it is fine for API use, so i continue to use it and haven't downloaded a more stable version.

    The latest version 10 of TWS flies on my M1 Macbook air, doesn't feel slow or laggy at all regardless of how many charts i have open.
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  6. So IB is sending me an M1 when exactly lol
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    That is worrying if the so called tested 'stable version' is unusable for you.

    Is anyone else reading this thread having problems with TWS on Windows when displaying it's builtin charts?
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  8. What is "TWS charts"? Sorry is that a separate program or? Do you just mean running multiple charts o nTWS
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    Yeah thats what i meant, the built in TWS charts, rather than another charting package. I don't use charts myself as i only use the API.

    Have you spoken with IB customer support?
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    try www.medvedtrader.com trading and charts, free trial.
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