I want to throw TWS into the dumpster; so slow NOW and I can't use older builds

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  1. I'm not a newb. I adjusted the memory settings to 4096 and still no relief from the slow laggey performance of trader work station.

    I was using build 978 until a few days and even though it is expired it still worked. But I stupidly downloaded the new version and it was a disaster in slowness (i have up to date java too).

    So i tried to re use the old 978 build and now IB is BLOCKING me from using that version even though it's functional somewhat.

    1) How do I spoof the 978 build so that IB thinks it's a more current build. I checked the description of it in windows but no way to change the name so IB thinks it's a newer version. I dont care if its not supported - the functionality is fine and i don't care about IB new features.

    2)apart from memory increase allocation ( i have a fast windows machine 1 yr old) - what else can i do with this horrible slow TWS platform.

    I typically run about 25 charts and 50-100 quotes. This is 2022 - we should not be subject to this horribly slow interface.

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  2. maxinger


    I don't use the IB charts.
    so TWS works well for me.

    Honestly, TWS is rather stable and fast.
    2 to 3 decades ago, it was horrible.
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    Use a 3rd party charting program and IB for the feed. I'm shocked that load even worked on earlier versions.

    The tws charting was never designed to be advanced charting package, just to provide a service out of convenience for less advanced traders. (I don't really know what their intentions were, but seeing that it is a crippled pos, I can't imagine their ambitions have ever been very high for it.)
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    I'd suggest running charts elsewhere. Years ago I used a program called QCharts and it was great for some years - I'm sure it's long gone now. There are things IB is good at and others where better performance can be found elsewhere.
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  6. Which version did you install?
  7. the newest 10.1 something. After i did that stupidity i could not use the 978/979 versions anymore...IB blocks me on the login page....I'm using 981. something buts its horrible too....laggy as all hell...i cant even change the times in the charts it's so slow...

  8. Like I said TWS was actually ok with the 978 release and I'd happily go back to it but since I installed the update it locks me out of using 978 now. The pic below is how it actually functioned without lag.
  9. Maybe there is currently too much volatility in the instruments you're tracking with your charts and quote windows, bogging down the TWS user interface. Usually there is no bottleneck in IB getting the data out to your computer, but a bottleneck in TWS presenting that data to you in the way (and amount) you wish to see. As others have stated: TWS is not a top-performer as charting software.
  10. So there is no way you can think of to make an older version of a build (978) to bypass IB login page? To fool IB into thinking it's a newer version because it is functional and has been until a few days ago...

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