I want to tell traders what "edge" disclosure can and can't do

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  1. Im new to the board enjoying the info and banter on trading just taking it all in but you hit on my specialty health and fitness. Four simple guidlines for eating. 1. Meats and veggies 2. some fruit 3. little starch 4. no sugar. And on top of that if it has a label and comes in a box don't eat it. Hyperinsulinimia is a silent killer and worth learning about not talked about enough in media it will be though. It is the major cause of coronary artery disease and obesity and yes good old sugar as sweet as it is that's the culprit. Caloric intake is specific to activity level and lean bodymass. Example Lance armstrong needs a boat load more calories than the average Joe. Thanks all.
    - Trainer Dave
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    Hey guys,
    this is a disscution for trading or discution for diets???
    It's very similar - you have just to keep some simple rules, like do the fitness, no sugar, etc.
    If we go back to trading, it's very interesting to me that the experienced traders do not share their insights! They believe that if they do, the total market will change and they will lose their edge? BS! There are some construction workers that can put properly brick on a brick and they are so proud of this that they do not share theis skills with the others. Ha ha ha, what a fun! Craft is stolen, not given, they say.
    Anyway I can share that I play exaclty the counter strategy with this (like most of the successful traders), so when I can do something well I gladly share this with interested people. With this I gain mainly two thins:
    1. I become even better with this;
    2. The destiny gives me a lot in return, exactly on the oposite of what I do - I also give.
    There are also minor benefits.
    Conserning the successful trading most of the traders just do not understand - trading is not about giving an edge, it's about understanding how the market works!!! When is your maximum posibility to make good return??? That's it!!! And it can not be given just like that. People must spend a lot of screen time in order to undestand that.
    I can confirm this with my development as a trader - at the beginning I was very close to the successful ideas, but I didn't know wheter they work in the long run or not. I didn't have the confidance. Every obstacle was a huge one. Atred that I started reading books, systems, internet sites, etc. I experienced a lot and I used to lose. So now I know what does not work!!! And I know it very well, believe me. I'm coming back to my initial basic and evident ideas from years ago. And this is according to me the symple truth about trading.
    In life: If you give more, you will get more too (not only money).
    Good luck "smart" guys!
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