I want to tell traders what "edge" disclosure can and can't do

Discussion in 'Trading' started by original, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. jhithers


    But for some reason, even though I am sooooo successful, I feel compelled to post anonymously on a message board that I won't share what makes me successful.

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    Original couldn't trade his way out of a box.
    Noob, school started an hour ago, your late .
    I <3 fantasy traders like Original, they make my day!

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  3. From the original turtle trading rules: "The most important aspects of successful trading are confidence, consistency, and discipline. Rules that you can't or won't follow will not do you any good."

    If you posted your edge on ET most readers wouldn't have the confidence to follow your trading system.
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  4. sg20


    The more info you give out, the more blood newbies are going to taste because they believed in the system, believe me it's not all about the edge but the experiences you have while trading the market; it takes experience and skills and I think most won't make it anyways, so the selection process is always the same. Traders come and go and only a few will remain a seasoned trader.

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