I want to take delivery of the actual oil

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Should Baron get rid of William Rennick?

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  1. Where is the top to this monster? Thoughts?
  2. I took profits in oil earlier today.

    Government is starting to get involved in trying to end the speculation.
  3. At this point, I want to dig a hole in my backyard and fill it with oil barrels. Maybe fill my bathtub. Black gold!!!
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    i would expect a big pullback soon, its hard for the economy to keep up
  5. Interesting question. I've got no idea myself at this point. I'm a peak oil proponent but still sold half my positions when it hit $110. Guess we are entering a brave new world.
  6. Regular unleaded jumped $.08 yesterday and diesel went up $.18 this weekend alone where I live
  7. Just looked at a 10 year chart of the XLE with monthly bars. I cant say there is anything bearish about that chart. I have a feeling we might be going much higher and soon.
  8. why the thread is about OIL but the Poll I see is titled: "Should Baron get rid of William Rennick?"?

    is it just me? :D
  9. Oil (and other commodities) are just getting started.
  10. The moron started the poll about oil and edited the name of the poll before the 30 min. was over. He didnt like the results of his original toss Rennick poll, so Einstein tryed to skew the poll with the old title switcharoo.. LOL, good stuff Skippy. This jackass should offer his services to Hillary.

    Rennick out:cool:

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