I want to take a course on how to trade es

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  1. I'm not gunna go with online trade academy. I went online and found financial samurai.

    They haven't gotten back to me yet as u have to get approved to get in. I beleive I want a course that offers to watch live trading and deals with price action. I have been watching the es and reading everyday while I had major teeth surgery done. The pain motivates me.
  2. Any suggestions out there so I don't sign up for scam. Willing to investigate different courses. All I want is knowledge now and I'm starting to get excited . Really enjoy watching the markets even without money on the line.
  3. why not find years worth of data, analyze, test, and develop a working strategy. Read a few books, test out some ideas, etc. These courses are not worth your time
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  4. https://www.tradingschools.org/

    Good luck
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    a less expensive way might be to try one of those TopstepTrader combines..
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    How about taking Tony Robbins course and walking across coals.

    Then when you recovering from that, listen to old Tony and BAMM

    And if that don't work, there is this.

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    Good luck. Proprietary trading is dead; made extinct by technology.
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  8. As long as you know you won't be rich or even richer from following these courses, I don't see the harm. You do know that, right?

    That said, I have no experience with online courses. However, if they're making any claims, i.e., "Trade for a living in three months" or whatever, know that it's not going to happen and per definition is a scam even if you may learn something. Sadly, what you learn may even take you in the wrong direction, but that goes for everything in trading.

    I recommend "New Trading Systems & Methods". Also, it might be helpful to simply start observing EOD charts and see what price actually does on a daily basis without any prejudices. Try to do that without the context of trend lines, formations and what people here tell you. This might instead cloud your mind. Just try to see what price does and try to make sense of it.
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    Courses are only good to explain you the general things about trading, like contract specifications, order types, margins, open hours…... But all this you can find on internet for free.

    All the rest they will not tell you. If they would have the knowledge necessary to trade consistently profitable, they would not sell it but trade it.

    If they would start a course of 10 lessons with 25 people paying each $1,000, they would have to spent 10 evenings for $25,000 gross profit. This is average $2,500 a day, from which they still have to deduct expenses. A successful trader can make easily 5 times more. Why would he lose money in giving courses?

    If I, an average profitable trader, would give this course I would lose money compared to my trading profits. I would never give these courses as it would prevent me from making at least $1,000 more every day in trading without leaving my house.

    Next problem is that the edges that real profitable traders have, never get public and surely never appear in courses. What they teach you there are things that are proven as not profitable. If not everybody who followed these courses would be making money.

    Do your own housework. If you first learn wrong things from these courses, and you want to become successful, you first will have to "unlearn" what you learned and is not working. Following courses will not help you, but will make your journey much more difficult.

    You can compare these courses with the book "“Beating the machines”" from David Goodboy. The title gives you a false feeling that you should buy that book and you will be a millionaire soon. That’'s also the purpose if this misleading title: sell as much books as possible. Only David Goodboy can money from this book, because he will take your money. You will receive in return a disappointment.

    On top of that David Goodboy has proven on Tipranks that he has very bad returns. From 2012 till today average -9% a year. So he really need idiots and noobs to buy his book. Would you buy a book from a trader with a track record of -9% a year? He even manages to make 7 losses in a row. Random trading or throwing darts would even be more profitable.
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