I want to start a REIT.

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  1. Seriously!

    How hard is it?

    What if you incorporate in the US, but want to buy offshore properties and rent them out?
  2. Whats a REIT?
  3. Why incorporate in US?? the most tax disadvantaged countries abound.. and not in the Cayman or the likes?
  4. You have to pay out 90% of your income to your investors.. how will you grow?? after paying out 90% of everything you make.
  5. Daal


    by issuing stock and having a dividend reinvestment plan. those are not necessarly bad things for investors depending how it is done. you can also take on debt
  6. the good thing about REITs is you can start with little cash, but you need good relations to find people willing to invest in your company, you can then as the CEO of the company set for yourself any amount of income, no seriously not any amount, but if you do good and pay high dividends, then you can set good paychecks for yourself
  7. So, I got couple of people who maybe interested in investing with you. I might as well for some diversification.

    What do you think you can earn per year in returns?
  8. worst case senario it would return 5% annually

    but expecting:

    20%, 90% of that would be 18% on investments

    high return:

    50%, 90% of that would be 46% for investors
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