I want to start a career as Trader. Need advice

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    Hello people, this is my first post on the forum and I would like to thank everyone for this amazing information resource that you guys have built up with time and commitment.

    Anyways. I have had a friend who was been involved with Trading of any sort for the past 40 years, and anytime I used to listen to him discussing with other dealers I was fascinated by the passion, the commitment and the love for the business he put in.

    A little while ago I started trading few amounts of bitcoin, mostly for fun and to raise up few beers. However after few months I have been doing this I can't say I have an actual stable income, but half of my salary comes from it.

    So I have decided to extend my boundaries thinking about starting a real career as trader, just like my friend did.

    I am interested in trading anything, starting with money, to scarp metal, plastic, tire recycling, possibly taking every good opportunities that comes along.

    What brings me down is that first of all I am 25 year old, and this might be a fact for companies to not take me in consideration, second I have done Computer Science at school and I am a unix network admin. I know very little about economy.

    But I do have the passion for trading, I feel I have the potential, I can speak two languages, Italian is my native and I think I have a developed a pretty good english, and I want to put as much commitment as possible into this.

    After this small brief about myself, do you guys think I can have a future in this kind of business?

    Where would I start reading, learning etc. Anybody have any suggestions about what should I do first and how?

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    this is the path to become a successful trader


    this is the path to become a failure trader



    study the link above. many useful information on the path to become a successful trader

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!
  3. Why would you come here and ask people you don't know ? They could be half retarded or amazing at trading and it would be hard for you to tell as a noob. Talk to someone you know for sure has been in the biz for years like your friend.

    There are gems here but you have to be experienced and know what you're doing to be able to tell the gems from the garbage here.

    For instance, in this thread you could be recommended 50 different books from different people, each saying their way is better than another. that will just cluster f*ck your brain.

    Less than 10% of small traders win, they just win!
  4. 10 %...

    Your odds of making it as a trader are... 9:1 And the payout never reflects the odds... I mean you ain't going to get that kind of a payout from the market.
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    Any experience you can share ?


  6. If you really want to try trading, the combine and it's training will allow you to experience the real market and be accountable for your actions--- way better than jut a demo account with no oversight. And if you ind you have talent, they will fund your account so you can trade OPM rather than being stupid and risking your own coin. surf
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    Any evidence?


  8. Res ipsa loquitur
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    Amen, alleluia, amen!

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