I want to start a Bank..

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  1. I know, a bold step.

    But, I'm up for the challenge.

    So, how many licenses do I need.. I guess, you need a license in each state you wish to have a customer ? & do I need any special education requirements etc to be able to accept deposits and lend out money.

    Any help, from anyone who know anything about this help much much appreciated.
  2. Oh, the WHAT IFS in life.. you only know what's missing till its too late.
  3. niting


  4. Go start it in a place like Nauru. They hand out banks down there like candy. You could probably go offshore and start one with $100K or less. Much less regulation and capital requirements to worry about than the US.

    Seriously, why start a bank? The regulations and paper work are hell and dealing with customers, staff, govt etc. is a royal pain in the ass.
  5. I have read everything that I can on this subject that I can get my hands on.

    If anyone here has any real world experience etc etc.. plz feel free to chime. Especially, if any former bankers in here etc.
  6. I hear ya. It always seems to be a case of "connect the dots" but inretrospect, never forward. I have some varied interests and people look at me and say "whaddya reading that stuff for?" I tell them "never mind".
  7. Some geek came up with a Mixed Moronic Spread Hedge tax treatment to challenge my tax skills, doesn't make my Greatness any less.

    And, I didn't get a chance to respond to that punks post last time:
    Each tax CODE is easily referred to as a DEVICE. A code is a DEVICE for me to save MONEY ???
  8. If you are going to run your bank and your Hedge fund at the same time why not call them the same name?

    "Putz Fund" and "Putz Bank"

    Don't forget to get your own branded Visa card the presitigeous "Putz Card".

    And my all time favorite, your new slogan for attracting business "You are always a #1 Putz to us"
  9. Putz is more a name befitting you.. What will I do??

    The best I can think of for a bank name would be: TJ Bank Co. I don't know.. that just doesn't sound like a good enough name to compete with "Bank of America".. maybe something like "Bank of Banks" that would be cool.. hope there is no banks like that.

    But, what do you think about: TJ Bank Co ?
  10. But, I won't be able to get any banking customers from NY or FL.

    I need a bank registered and ready to do business in the US.

    & I am not a real proponet of going offshores to save some taxes. I can do that here in the US.
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