I want to share a strategy, but.......

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  1. ......I don't really know how.

    So I need the help of ET. I want the denizens of ET to give me any stock that I can follow on Yahoo, or any major forex pair. The goal is to use my home grown indicators as well as some canned ones to analyze these instruments. I will give my analysis on a daily basis, complete with where I think entries and exits should be. It will be totally transparent except for the code itself. If anyone can figure it out and reverse engineer it, that is fine. I really just need some true critics to give me instruments, force me to make analysis and evaluate the results. In short, I need a boardroom, and I think ET is a perfect place to start.

    I need a lot of instruments because this is swing trading and not daytrading, as I think daytrading has the drawback of being yet another desk job.

    Analysis will begin on the monthly charts and work its way down.

    Since my gf has completely taken over the hotties thread I have nothing else to do while I am at the office. I am not an ET millionaire, and I have nothing to sell. I have a day job and I am not here to be a guru. I do not claim to have a get rich quick scheme and I don't think that there is a holy grail. I just need a serious critique of my methods, and maybe everybody can learn something. I will take all advice and a consider all criticism.

    So I will start with a chart of brk.a since I don't think anyone here trades that stock.

    I will use Socrates and try to teach or explain by answering questions. That is the best I can do.

    Caveat Emptor
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  2. Okay, Im going to do a post of GOOG to show how I analyze for entry. I always start with a monthly chart. So this file will show Google for month ending in December 2009.
  3. This chart shows google in a pullback early in the month of January.
    The monthly bar is still black, I am still just watching.
  4. This chart show that the bar has turned red, it happened on Jan 12th. I will now go down to the weekly chart and have a look.
  5. This is what the weekly chart looks like...........two signal bars preceding the current bar, MACD is showing negative divergence to price. Time to look at our daily bars for entry.
  6. Daily bars show a negatively accelerating MACD, a signal bar preceding the close of the current bar, a confirmed lower swing, and price sitting below the moving average. The close shows 590.48.

    We would short at 592.44 were this a real trade.

    We will hold this until a clear indication is had to get out, which, lucky for us has presented itself. I will show this on the next sequence of gifs.
  7. Its February now. I am watching google begin to react against last months price. It is Feb 3rd. This is the monthly chart.
  8. ??? makes no sense ???
  9. Price movement has caused the monthly bar to go green. We verify this signal on the weekly time frame.
  10. The weekly time frame shows nothing, however, and we will fast forward until today, when we had a confirmation of the monthly signal on all time frames.

    I exit my short at the close of yesterdays bar. 541.30.

    I would go long, if I traded GOOG at 545.57
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