I want to see blood

Discussion in 'Trading' started by coolweb, May 14, 2006.

  1. I want to see fear and bloodshed
    for the next 4 months.

    so I can invest with confidence once september earnings comes.

    Please market,
    Take all stocks down at least 30-40%
    Take the market down at least 10%

    I will busy myself with something else for the next 4 months :D
    I will also be sitting here laughing every single day at the buy and hold investors who are long. their pain will be my satisfication.

    Waiting for the next bull trend in all the FXIs, GOOGs, NVDA , EWJs, TFs, PCUs, MINIngSTOCKS, PTRs, ADMs, and a bunch of other shit.

    I bet you the catalyst of the next bull trend will be hte FOMC meeting saying they will stop raising interest rates,
    probably in september , we should be up to 6% by then.
    FOMC kills, yet FOMC brings to life.

  2. Sashe


    You' re a sicko and need meds.
  3. mcelitetrader

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    Take a walk outside and see then sun

    ......I'm sure your bunker-mate Cheney also has to step out soon
  4. Bernanke has set himself up perfectly for a pause.

    Jobs numbers, CPI and PPI numbers mean something once again.

    Don't think you're going to see your 30% correction any time soon, but 10% is very possible.

    After all, 10% only brings us back down to 10,300 or so. Wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

  5. Thats what I said , 10% in the market

    30-40% in indivudual stocks.
  6. Because shorting individual stocks is so much easier than going long in a bull right?

    Don't get me wrong, remember, I'm that guy that who doesn't care about the long-term market outlook. Well, I didn't mean I don't care, I just don't try to predict moves.

    Not dogging you here, but after reviewing the other thread "Problem with bear markets" and reading this one, it seems you are on some mission for destruction. Last time I checked, no individual has ever willed the market either way, but it seems there are a lot of people who want to try or wish they could.

    Still think its a new bear? I'll go ahead and make two predictions, although I won't be counting on them myself, I'll just react to it either way, Monday's open will be lower than Friday's close. Or vice versa. probably.

    If not we're screwed...
  7. plugger


    Whoa, coolweb. On the other thread I was asking you questions about your predictions for Monday because you said all good traders are able to predict the future. Being a good trader who in your own words is "so money", I naturally inferred that you could predict the future. Yet in this post you sound like you're hoping for a certain outcome to happen. Don't you know? You said you could predict?

    I'm losing all faith. I read your previous posts and you make out to be a great trader. What gives? I feel like you're jerking me around.
  8. Shutup loser,
    You don't lose faith on an imaginary nick on a message board.

    Go find someone else for advice. I'm not your mentor.
  9. plugger


    Well, thanks for nothing. I was really hoping that you'd be able to help me take my trading (if you could call it that) to the next level.

    After all, you're "so money".
  10. "so Monopoly money."

    - Spydertrader
    #10     May 15, 2006