"I want to raise chickens."

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  1. http://transitionmilwaukee.ning.com/group/citychickens/user/list

    This group in Milwaukee want to have the chickens in their backyard.
    I do not know what (ethnic group) they are, but I will guess from their names just American people who try to go back to American roots. Look like the (American) Trend to me. I wish them good luck! I buy eggs from the market.

    Nicole Bickham
    Gretchen Mead
    Mary Lou
    Sarah Moore
    Christie Mole

    Many more like these Americans.
    Brendon Owens
    Stacey Driscoll
    Rachel Morey

    And this too.

    Rebekah Greer
  2. Doesn't everybody? :eek:
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