I want to raise $10 million to trade...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ripley, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I don't understand how I can ruin myself by trading OPM. I thought the whole point of it was about spreading the risk around.
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  2. Do you count lying an edge? :D
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  3. If you have such tracking record how come you don't have any money.

    I mean, how can you find out investor to put $10M on your head if you're such inconsistent.
    If you have to ask in a forum a question like the one on the thread title how you expect to fight well in a market with 10M?

    I don't want to be rude but this all thread looks like "kids stuffs".

    good luck anyway.
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  4. I answered that through PM. I hope he is satisfied with my answer.

    I have said this many times... I have no reason to lie about anything, and I would never do to impress others. I have been honest with my losses more so than others.. & frankly, I just don't give a damn about much things.

    Ripley(I Believe, and you too shall)...
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  5. Actually I do believe you have an edge, as I said today. :)
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  6. OK.. OK.. let me explain.

    I am just couple of years out of college.. grad school etc... I acutally went to school to learn about trading. Some of the classes I have taken have contributed immensely to my trading methodology.

    Yeah.. I was inconsistent during my novice stages.. but... that stage is over. My equity curve is headed up and will be edging up without a let down.

    I have to ask this forum.. because I am not that old. I didn't acutally take the "traditional" hedgefund route by taking the investment banking or institutional trading route. I thought, I could make stellar returns from day one.. I was wrong.. & now I have a GREAT methodology and I want to trade other people's money. I am hoping to get money from individual investors as opposed to other institutions, thus.. I wanted tips on how to attract clients. WTF???
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  7. How can I meet some rich people..

    Where are they?

    I assume they are in NYC, Miami, LA and some other bigger cities etc.

    How can I meet them?

    They have body guards, gates, mansions etc. Invisible electric fences etc.

    So, yeah.. any tips on this would be really cool.

    I also assume I can knock doors on our local high networth areas, asking for money. I think that's legal?
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  8. You will not find your answers here..I suggest you disable your PM box...

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  9. Find an older gay man and be his boy toy. Odds are he won’t have kids so when he dies he will take care of you plus he will have rich friends for you to meet. I would think you can meet them in South Beach in very high end restaurants. A waiter might be the best why to approach them and get a conversation going.
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  10. As always, my response is "why" - why would you want to give away 80% of your profits, when you can put up $25-$100K and use a few million of our money to trade with? Keep 100% of your profits, and not have all the regulatory nonsense to deal with or a bunch of cranky investors...think about it and call me. 702.739.1393.

    (As always, I understand if you're only looking for the 2% "fee" and not planning on making money, but you apparently "do" have a skill set, or are at least willing to develop a winning strategy).

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