I want to raise $10 million to trade...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ripley, Feb 4, 2007.

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    i'm the last person in the world to pour cold water on a persons dream but truth is, most people don't realize the patience (time) required to achieve big dreams

    this quoted post really is wisdom ... why not spend 2 or 3 years as a prop trader while you position yourself for what you really want

    you may find that prop trading is more lucrative than what you originally planned, if you have good results a prop firm will let you have 10 mil eventually

    las vegas in a great city to live, work and play ... you could take 50k to live on a couple of years and go to work for Bright with no stress and learn alot ... if you are good enough and build trust, you will get your 10 mil quicker from Bright than you will trying to cozy up to rich folks
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  2. Do you have any sort of track record to show possible investors?
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  3. if you manage to obtain 10 million to trade... why bother trading? just head to mexico and enjoy the rest of your life :D
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    I thought in your last thread you were going to make a billion?
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  6. I do have a track record to show possible investors. But, no matter what, it has to come down to Pro Forma statements. Much is to be based on projections, thus I am afraid my track record can only be revealed to right people. I know that I have to disclose some of what I do, thus... I prefer to disclose it to people who would not have the means to use it. Preferably, not financial savy peoples...sports, and entertainment celebs...etc... lol...

    No more prop trading for me. I am eventually set to manage a fund, so.. might as well start early and get a good start.
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  7. This 10 million thing got me thinking.

    In your hedge fund if you have say 10 million. And you use 2 million of that in your brokerage account to cover margin.

    The other 8mill sits in the hedge funds bank account earning say 5%.

    Who typically keeps the 5%, the fund management company? or is it normal practice to add that to the returns made for investors?
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  8. what's your edge, ripley?


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  9. I read about all these billionaire hedgefund managers... that's why I thought it would be a cool thing to do. What if I too could make a billion dollars by managing a hedgefund. Its like, you are making money to trade other people's money.

    Its like somebody pays you money to trade. I mean, considering I would trade for free, its a steal.

    (i am joking..)
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    you make it sound so simple. just remember, you are not the first person to think of this.
    its not going to happen. jim cramer managed billions of dollars, but he worth only 40-50million. he's not a billionaire. there might be just one or two billionaire hedge fund managers. go to forbes.com and look at the billionaire list. only 1 or 2 hedgefund managers. you have to come up with something unique and different to be a billionaire. or invent something.

    as far as borrowing 10 million, you will simply ruin yourself. what do u do right now? and where did u go to college?
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