I want to raise $10 million to trade...

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  1. If you can grow your $100k account at 50% a year you would make $1m in less than 7 years. :)

    And if you can't make that kind of return with a very small fund that has none of the reporting or liquidity issues that would affect a larger fund you probably don't have a system that works well enough to tempt investors. If you do have a consistent track record of 50% YoY and can prove it then people will jump on board as soon as you show it to them.

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  2. gnome


    When you have audited results of *high enough* returns for *long enough*... and if they are *consistent enough*, you will have earned the right to manage OPM... and the money will find you.
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  3. There is no point in trading OPM when the money can find you. I want to find the money.
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  4. birdman


    There is no magic in little plans ... if you are passionate about, why not go for it.

    I'm 50 and can tell you that i regret more not having done things i might have succeeded at than i regret mistakes and failures.

    So if you fail you will then have a clear head to move on to other things.

    Of course, you ain't whipped until you reckon you are, no matter how many times you fall down.

    As for advertising, you will most likely get the most bang for your buck (in classifieds) at Investors Business Daily.

    I've personally bought over 7 million leads from Google alone plus a lesser amount from Yahoo, MSN and other places. If you do it right, there might be some good ads there ... it would take a good deal of research for me to say more.

    When you get your track record viewable on paper and online plus a few good testimonials that will vouch for your creditbility, dependability and honesty ... then maybe you should divide up your target into smaller goals ... perhaps 40 bites at 250k each might be good ... just a thought to consider.

    I wish you much success,
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    Here is a possibility. Hook up with apex82, he is indeed a charlatan and then have marketsurfer drop a few names and you are good to go. .. :D

    Hog OUT!!!! Go BEARS
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  6. you know Marty started with NOTHING like ALL of us come into the world...

    He may realize how easy he can lose it all...thats all...

    it is much harder to get a rich man through an eye of a needle...than a camel

    building up bunker and the gold coins for the doomsday.
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    I think there are laws against/about advertising to manage other peoples money. Maybe someone in the industry knows the details.. I started a new thread about this here http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=86267
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  8. I really think it would work the best if I can get access to some rich people in NYC or Miami, or some other financial hotspot. If I can gain access to them, I am sure my conversion rate would be >90%... (assuming everyone I meet with has money to burn.)

    Any tips on gaining access to these people?
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  9. This is a joke. You bitch about some CFA making a statement based on his "ego" and then the very next statement from you is bitching about how much money and commission you lost on the deal!!

    How 'bout you bitching about someone else who would actually have to "manage and invest the money" while you simply process some paperwork and milk for a 25bps commission - whether the fund goes on to be a complete failure or success.

    Then you bitch about airfare??????? Let me guess, it was "first class" because you deserve it with a done deal 25bps commission.

    Merrill Leach taught you very well. Sell, collect assets and milk with fees and manage with incompetence. Glad to see that the big swinging *ick "ego" has never caught up with you listing your "missed & milked" sales commissions on a trivial message board.
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    why dont you go work with a prop firm. or type "finance jobs in new york craigslist". u will find a lot fo firms that will take you on especially if you get 100-200K.

    But honestly, raising 10 million is worthless. Say you only think you know what you are doing and blow up, u will be in debt for the rest of your life.

    If you can get 100-200K then by trading you can very easily make a million bucks in a year, if you say u r as good as u claim to be.

    Where you got your college education doesnt mean a rats ass. Going to Harvard or a community college doesnt make u master trader.

    How old are you? Im not trying to make fun, but just trying to understand where u come from?

    Do not trade with borrowed funds, if you lose it, u will seriously be screwed for life.

    Just trader your 100-200K and grow. If you can grow with that you will have plenty of money. DO NOT BORROW MONEY TO DAY TRADE.
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