I want to raise $10 million to trade...

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  1. OK, you have a Masters degree and you've read a lot of books about trading ... I definitely don't hold this against you.

    You've proven that you're educated (which we can pretty much see from the wit that your posts display), but can you trade?

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  2. hi ripley

    gosh ... I thought you were still a youngster say 18-20 yrs old

    are you older than that or just a smart kid able to whiz through
    school and get those degrees at an early age ?

    by the way ... can you program at all ?

    maybe you should apply for a "quant" position somewhere?
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  3. Trading is what I do.

    I could've been less irrational and got a job and raised money to trade. But, you know.. I wouldn'tve been able to give my 100% to trading. I believe in giving it all in everything that you believe in doing. That is why, I wanted to raise the money to trade by trading.. rather than working like someone else would've preferred.. that's clearly the easier choice if your goal is to make a living by trading. I know if I give it my all, then everything would work out...thus, that's why I decieded to mortgage my future to fund my trading during the initial stages. Because I believe in learning by doing and giving it all, especially to something that I really enjoyed. I wanted to be the best at it, and thus far.. I am on track.
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  4. Good luck, I'm going to exit the Twilight Zone now.

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  5. Any more suggestions greatly appreciated:

    so far,

    1) Newspaper ad; which I most likely will do.
    2) Trading competition; takes way too long, might lose, I don't trade well if not trading for real.

    I also decided that I should go to one of the financial centers of the world and hobnob with the rich and famous... I believe in my personality, and I believe if people do get a chance to meet me, and my methods.. then it is an easy sell. Thus, what good places to go, would it be better to go to a huge gathering? or meet with each potential individual individually etc etc... & how to even go about this..

    I will be extremely greatful for any suggestions.
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  6. I'm a Wealth Manager. My client's life savings rest in the hands of myself, and professional money managers.

    The last money manager that I was considering having take a 60mm pesnion account (ERISA money) said he felt he was the "best of breed." Needless to say, I wasted $ on airline tickets after he spit that statement out...

    The best advice I can give here? It's ok to have a thought you don't express.
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  7. Joint the robbins cup challenge. It is the most well known and you are pretty much guaranteed a large managed account if you win. The money is real, so you dont have any excuses.
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  8. If I understand you correctly, you are a pension fund allocater and you didn't go with that "best of breed" money manager because he lied on his statement? can you please explain this further.
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  9. If I must...
    First, I am a former Merrill broker. I left that World for Wealth Management. I get paid to manage money for wealthy individuals, families, and institutional accounts.

    Since I am NOT the best there is, I am more and more farming out assets to Pro's who are better than me. I get paid a yearly fee for this.

    The pension manager is the Man in charge of close to 500mm, and has a board that votes on major moves. He knows I have relationships with Pro's that can meet needs, so we have a business relationship.

    The CFA made a dumbass ego statement that he should have swallowed before the meeting began. He blew it shooting his mouth off. The pension manager said no, as did the board members he called with the comment.

    I would have been paid 25bps on 60mm, and lost it due to an ego comment. Do the math on that!

    To make this really easy, ERISA money and a huge ego pulling the trigger doesn't mix.

    I was out the airfare due to a "king of the World" kind of bullshit comment. Easy enough?

    I'm trying to save you from being laughed at trying to raise 10mm by you having thoughts you shouldn't express. I can bill you for this advice, but it's the weekend, and I think you may need to hang on to whatever money Burger King paid you for the week.
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  10. Thank you so much for sharing this and your experience and expertise are much appreciated....& especially an eye opener.
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