I want to raise $10 million to trade...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ripley, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Wrong, it would take you 100 years to make a million ... and that's with a money market account. The only way you'd get 1mm in your hands is if someone gave it to you.

    Just remember, this is from the same guy who started the "It's Impossbile to make money in the market" and the "Billion Dollar Quest" threads - I can see that he's stopped taking his medication this weekend.

    Eeuuww, bad image.
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  2. Jimmy, its like YOU believe me and I can probably see why. :D And you should too... because it is IMPOSSIBLE for **YOU** to make money in the market.

    All I can say is, I am the BEST trader ever and I will be trading a 8 figure account by this time next year. Its the TRUTH because I believe it, because I am. I could very well be the youngest hedge fund manager to be managing a successful and big enough fund.
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  3. Rip you're just too much with the shits & giggles :D :p . One things' for sure, it's sure great having a clown like you around to entertain us while the real traders go about the business of trading.
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  4. why don't you enter one of those "trading contests"

    using either "real" or "on paper" $$$

    if you can finish in the top 5 ... maybe the media will

    pick up on the "whiz kid" trader
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  5. because then he would have to reveal that he can't even trade using a SIM

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  6. That thread must've deeply impacted you for you to bring it up every freaking whereever it is possible. Glad to know that it struck a chord with ya.
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  7. No ... the fact that you keep starting these stupid ass threads and saying how great a trader you are is what impacts me.

    Especially when the truth of the matter is that you need to get out of your parents basement and get back into community collge.

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  8. Good tip, but I hate trading competitions... because you just can't be yourself at there. But, ya.. I can actually make couple of my *******.....this too could acutally work. But, not the right way to do it.
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  9. I have put myself in a position to be a great hedgefund manager since the age of 20.

    I also have a Bachelors and Masters that are very closely intervened to money managment.

    Money Managment is what I breath, sleep, eat and drink... & I am not BSing you when I say that I am a great trader. Most likely, if I was a person with even a bit of modesty, I wouldn't have said that.. but, I don't.. I am all about being honest and upfront so, I hope you wouldn't hold that against me.
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