I want to raise $10 million to trade...

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  1. I think I am mature enough to manage outside money. And I believe my strategy is good enough to make money, and it is scaleable. This can be proven by a track record/performance. BA/MSc educated from premier colleges etc etc.

    I can muster up couple of hundred thousand from my parents/relatives. But, can anyone offer tips on how to meet other investors that want a high return and will take a chance on a novice fund operator.

    Plz.. any tips would be great.
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    check with Lundy, the fundraiser extraordinare.
  3. Put an ad in the newspaper.
  4. Wow.. this might work... didn't think about that... but, I need to have money to waste for that. What if it didn't work? I think I could write this off as Marketing expenses from the fund. :D
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    Have you read the book "Pitbull"?
    It's Marty Schwartz's story of going from successful trader to hedge fund manager. Only to realize it's more than it is worth.
    If you still decide to do it I wish you the best of luck.
  6. I read that book more than once.

    But, I think I'll worry about that when I do have enough money to spend. Plus, I think I will enjoy the money managment experience more so than him. Because I am a people person.. cool, while I believe Marty wasn't much for people/recluse.. and impractical.. building up bunker and the gold coins for the doomsday.
  7. Ripley is teasing us :cool:
  8. OK.. I was never the one who thought I would ever want to trade outside money. But, what can I say.. I gave in. Because, lets face it, with my <$100,000 account, it would probably take me 10 years to make a million.

    But, its for reals. I will be raising $10,000,000 within the next year.. whether you suggest a good way to raise some money or not.

    By next year this time, I will be trading a 8 figure account. The rest is history. Even if it means I have to go to NYC or London and beg, plead and strip for the moneyed elite.
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    Go get a job.
  10. Here ya go:

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