I want to raise $10 billion to trade...

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  1. How do I take my fund from mere millions to Billions Under Management?

    How do I go after people who aren't in my immediate circle?? How can money find me?

    Any advice and suggestions appreciated.
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  3. You could participate in Million Dollar Challenge at CNBC (when it's on) or Robbins World Cup Trading Championships.

    I figure that would get exposure.

    Funny thing is, I was tried thinking of various ways to win a trading contest and I find there are some ideas that are inconsistent with longer term trading and would be unrealistic.

    Other than that, anything that would raise credibility like being audited or something like that, I'm no expert in funds.

    Anyway, what kind of trading vehicles are you going to use to trade $10 Billion? The only market I can think of that would allow you to short term trade like that would be Forex.
  4. Yes. You need to take a course either in Practical Reality or Delusional Grandeur.

  5. If you can obtain $10 billion, just trade zero coupon treasury bonds, and buy low risk stocks and write calls on them. If you can earn a measly 10% return in 1 year, that is a $1 billion profit. If you take 20% of the profits, that's $200 million in your pocket pre-tax. Sounds great in theory, but the hard part is raising the money.

    Here is a list of the 400 richest Americans...


    Try to find a way to become friends with them.

    You can cold call banks, insurance companies, and large brokerage houses, and ask if they will invest with you. Give it a try; the worst that will happen is they say no.
  6. I heard Jedd Clampett is looking for someone honest to invest his money with ever since he let go of Milburn Drysdale.
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