I want to play Warcraft...

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  1. I'm trading both Asian and US Markets...

    I don't have a life out of my office and have a lot of time while I'm waiting for my tests to finish...

    I've been reading that Warcraft is a fun game and thinking of playing it.

    What do you guys think?
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    The way I look at it is it is either Warcraft or social life. hard to mix them. JMHO
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    If you have the slightest tendency to get hooked of video games, I'd recommend heroin instead. At least with heroin you can get up and walk around.
  4. You'll get hooked on Warcraft like crack. I honestly know about 10 people whose lives have been taken over by this game.
  5. Play Battlefield 2142! Guaranteed you'll be hooked.

    Also, for a free multi-player game download "Continuum" and play on the "Metal Gear CTF" server. VERY VERY ADDICTING and fun as hell.

    you can forget about your social life if you do decide to play these games.
  6. I've been reading and hearing all about Warcraft. (and of course in South Park)

    What makes it so addictive?
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    never played WOW, but I got hooked on a multiplayer, TEXT-BASED role playing game in college in the mid-90's.

    TEXT-BASED is ascii text, scrolled descriptions of your environment, and keyboard commands for action. Played it day and night for a year. My grades dropped into the shitter, and any reason for a social life dissappeared. What makes it so addictive? It's super fun!


    Can't imagine how amazingly cool WOW is. I don't dare play. You'll wake up in a year and wonder you could waste so much time. Even more-so.


    Play At Own Risk!

  8. Sanjuro


    World of Warcraft is the best MMORPG game created.

    It has over 8 million subscribers paying $15 a month.

    I have been played it for 4 months and got my character up to Level 50 before canceling my account. I found myself spending more hours playing and thinking about strategy for the game then trading.

    You can get a 14 day trial dvd from your local computer store. There are some limitations like you can't trade items.

    Why is it so addictive?
    1. You feel like you're accomplishing a lot finish tons of small quests. You feel great getting rewards or finding rare items.
    2. You keep getting better and better armor/weapons.
    3. You meet people and make groups to tackle harder quests.
    4. Every 2 levels, you get more spells. Each level you get a talent point starting at level 10.
    5. You're playing with thousands of other real people on each server.
    6. The game has it's own economy and the gold is worth more than some country's real currency.
    7. The ingame graphics is beautiful with snow, rain, desert, etc...

    You can download some movies of people killing, questing, etc...

    The game is awesome but consumes way too much time once you get addicted. I bet it has caused hundreds of students to drop out of school.

  9. wtf?! That's over a Billion/year in pure net profit!! It's not even a public company. Who owns Blizzard?
  10. 8mln? u sure u got u figures right?
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